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Domain (website) verification

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When setting up some third-party services, such as Google Services, it is required to pass verification for a domain/website using DNS. As a rule, verification means checking if DNS-TXT record exists in your domain zone

Lets suppose that to verify your domain, Google Services required you to add a DNS-TXT record like this: "google-site-verification=E1drAphabadebithaswatrztonUpabeHAwriTUfurEY"


1. Log into the hosting control panel.

2. Open the Websites & Domains section and find the domain for which you need to create a new DNS record.

3. Open the DNS Settings section:

4. Next, you need to add a new DNS record - Add Record button.

5. Add the necessary DNS-TXT record:

6. Confirm changes in the DNS zone of your domain - Update button:


If necessary, contact technical support -

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